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Victory marine luksuzni plutajući apartman

Victory Marine d.o.o is developing a unique attractive, economic and spacious houseboat, which is driven environment friendly with electric motors.

The batteries are charged by Solar Panel, at the Marina berth or if required with an onboard Genset.

The new developed houseboat creates an uplift to the Croatian Touristic Industry and shall be marketed by rent to families, young couples and groups up to 8 Persons; optional with skipper.

The Design has been developed to reach the maximum on Economy efficiency and meets the target of being an Eco-Friendly solution.

With the high efficiency electric propulsion system a pleasant cruising speed is reached.

The unique design provides sufficient luxury living space.
The holidaymaker will enjoy a new dimension of luxury and affordable vacation.

The freedom to explore the coastline, visiting different island and stay with the houseboat
in Marinas or sheltered bays.

The Houseboat provides an outstanding entertainment on the 120sqm, fully equipped Living, Dining Room, Kitchen, 3 cabins on suite and open-air space with a whirlpool.

Tel: +385 52 384 511
GSM: +385 91 325 6325 (HR)
GSM: +49 1764 1758 898 (DE)
Victory marine d.o.o.
Kandlerova 8
Pula, 52 100

Victory marine d.o.o.
Port Pula
Sv. Polikarpa 8
Pula, 52 100
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Leharova ul. 1
(Veteran Community Center)
Pula, 52 100

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