VM Geodätische Kuppel Ø5 m


The VM Glamping dome has an attractive and elegant appearance. It is characterized by a solid and secure steel construction in the shape of a dome, covered with a waterproof tent fabric. There is a wide range of color choices of the tent fabric, default standard color is white. The VM Glamping dome is easily fully equipped with household appliances and furniture, and can be installed anywhere for a unique, comfortable and peaceful experience of living in nature. It is widely used for resorts, glamping spots, campsites, hotels and Airbnb accommodations. Interesting appearance, comfort, easy transport and installation make the glamping dome an increasingly popular choice for glamping, renting and for various events.

You can choose between the four most popular colors: standard white, beige, dark green and light gray. If you prefer a different color, when entering the purchase information, type the desired color in the „Order Notes” field, and we will contact you back.

More options:
1. Door frame – the standard VM Glamping dome comes by default with a zipper. If you need a standard door, it is necessary to mount the door frame. You can purchase the door of your choice at your local store. We do not install it.
2. Chimney accessory – if you plan to use the VM Glamping dome in winter conditions, a chimney accessory is required. You can purchase the chimney and the stove at the local store. We do not install them.
3. Additional insulation – for colder climates, additional insulation is recommended. We offer two options to choose from: thickness 8 mm or 12 mm.

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VM Glamping kupola_Dodatak za dimnjak
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Dodatne opcije_Okvir za vrata
Türrahmen verstärken, Größe 950 * 2000 mm, weiße Farbe.
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777,00 -1.261,00 
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* Note: The standard VM Glamping dome does not have a floor and furniture. You can purchase them from a local supplier. We do not install them.

Auf Wunsch des Kunden führen wir die Installation durch. Preis auf Anfrage. Kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen.
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  • Dimensions: * mm
  • High quality steel construction in white finish
  • Durable tent fabric cover lined with PVC material 850g / m2; Transparent polyester fabric is coated with PVC material 1100g / m2 (SGS DIN4102-1 B1 flammability class).
  • PVC fabric thickness: 850g / m2-0.85 mm; 1100g / m2-0.95m
  • Fabric life span: 4-6 years
  • Round PVC door size 2421 × 2219 mm
  • Four upper roof PVC windows and a mosquito net with an outer PVC cover
  • Wind load: 80-120 km / h
  • Temperature resistance: -30 to + 70 ℃
  • Waterproof
  • Fire resistant
  • Mold resistant
  • Construction life span: 10 years

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